The Myology Laboratory is a unique facility where the focus is primarily on the analyses of skeletal muscle. The three aspects of muscle that we specialise in are:

  • contractile properties of single muscle fibres,
  • metabolism, including metabolites (glycogen, intramuscular fat, phosphocreatine) and enzymatic markers of the main metabolic pathways within the muscle, and
  • structural components, that include fibre type, fibre morphology (e.g. fibre sizes), capillaries and mitochondrial density.

Our expertise lies in technique troubleshooting, validation, ensuring reliability and reproducibility. We also do not shy away from customising assays or providing training in the techniques listed below. The techniques we frequently use include:

  • tissue processing: freezing, thawing, homogenisation permeabilised single fibre contraction,
  • histochemistry and immunohistochemistry (bright field and fluorescence), protein concentration determinations,
  • SDS-PAGE and Western blotting,
  • fluorometric and spectrophotometric enzyme kinetic assays for markers of metabolism, and
  • high resolution mitochondrial respirometry to determine the integrity of the electron transport chain.

Besides skeletal muscle, the techniques that we use can be applied to many other tissues. For more information on these techniques, please follow the links within the techniques menu.


All the techniques listed are for research purposes only.