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Many times scientists struggle to communicate their research to the outside world, with many great discoveries going lost. That is the reason for this website. Enjoy.

The aims of the MyoLab are:

to translate our research into an easy-to-understand platform for all to understand, grasp and enjoy,
to honour those who played and continue to play an important part in our research venture,
to serve as an educational platform, and
☆ to promote our expertise and services.

Origin of the MyoLab

It all started when I met with Prof. Tim Noakes on a particular sunny day in his office at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa, Cape Town. We chatted about the need for better research and understanding of muscle, and how it works. It was at that moment that the idea of a Myology Laboratory was born. A lab where there was no limits, where no idea was considered mediocre. Tim encouraged me to explore the mysteries of wild animals and how we can learn from them. He inspired me to ‘go for it’, to find the best ways to study muscle function. But most importantly, to find people that are as passionate about science to join me in this research venture.