Muscle 101

If you are unfamiliar with skeletal muscle physiology, or merely need brush up on some basics, then this page will help refresh your memory. Please click here.

Media releases

Non-peer reviewed communications by the MyoLab that was posted in either video, text or printed format. 

⭐︎ Focussed training recipe for success for black athletes (Science in Africa 2007)
⭐︎ Fast, faster, fastest (Monday Paper – University of Cape Town July 2013)
⭐︎ Swart vinniger as wit – ensieme gee atlete woema (Die Burger Oktober 2013)
⭐︎ Capture myopathy mystery (Wildlife Ranching Magazine – Spring 2013)

Scientific publications

Please click here to review a list of scientific publications, divided into the MyoLab’s main research areas.